Friday, November 10, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth – A Global Warning.

Recently there is a movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, the Al Gore film about global warning on screen in Singapore but of course I am going to watch this in Rio, which is call “Uma Verdade Inconveniente”.

This movie shows us how much each of us are contributing to global warning and what we can do about it. I always feel ashamed of myself as I know that we are in ‘dangerous’ (other than those terrorist attack) and yet I do so little to save the earth. This movie bring us our awareness, once again to remind us that there are so much more we all can commit to help the only earth. So now it is the time to do something for the next generation to have a better home.

Well, there is a campaign going on in Singapore

The Campaign 4 An Inconvenient Truth (Singapore)
"We are not raising money; We are raising awareness & commitment!"
Or go to this

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