Saturday, November 11, 2006

What A Lunch!!!

It has been raining since morning and normally I will be too lazy to go out for lunch, but not today. Because tomorrow will be my beloved colleague, Valderes's Birthday and we promised to go out lunch for a little gathering with Claudia. We went to Crystal Restaurant at Rua da Assembleia for lunch, then headed to my beloved cafe - Cafe Colombo for a quick dessert. Hmmm, I simply love the dessert in Brazil which I believe I will miss it very much when I go back to Singapore. Plus the coffee too, got to buy more for my trip home.

Okay, I need to add in one thing that amazed me at the restaurant. I saw almost everyone leave their umbrellas at one corner once entered, then happily went for their food without any worries that it will go missing. I can feel the trust they have for one another, I mean they simply don't have the greed to take thing that don't belove to them. Good!!! I can't recall whether we have this scenario back home.

Then I went to get my vaccination against Yellow Fever, of course not alone but with the wonderful help of Claudia. I am so lucky to have her during my stay here. She has been helping me a lot and she treats me like little sister, taking good care of me. Thank you, my dear.

Talking about the vaccination, I am quite surprise to find that it is free-of-charge. Again, I wonder do we have this kind of service from Singapore Government????? Anyway, I have to get this jet done cos I am going to Peru + Chile for vacation with my best friend, Jennifer. Horray, both of us are looking forward to Dec for our great holiday.

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