Saturday, December 23, 2006


Looking at the sky, we felt so sad because it has been raining since last night and did not seems to be stopping at any moment. No choice but praying hard that it will not affect our day trip to Chico Circuit. Jen and I went for our breakfast and when looking at the food they served, immediately both of us knew that is it for our meal. They didnt even serve fruit, which is the only thing we asked for (we didnt expect much from them since day 1).

Our Chico Circuit tour (which is to tour around the town) did went on as planned but since our prayer had not been heard, the raining continue non-stop and affected the whole tour schedule. They did not bring us to the top of the mountain which supposed to be the most beautiful of all, this tour end before 11am.

We went walking the neighbourhood ourselves in the afternoon. Well, at least we enjoyed our tea break time, coffee and ice-cream and taking PHOTOS at one of the cafe.

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