Monday, December 25, 2006

Buenos Aires - City Tour

Christmas eve of year 2006 and we had our last city tour for the whole vacation. They were late and after waiting here and there, and transferred from small van to big bus (from few people to one large group) finally we went to the City Tour in Buenos Aires.

But we departed the group and went on our own at La Baco, when given not enough sufficient time to visit there. We went around freely and relaxing, take more picture than the past two days, and bought some sournier. We went to Hard Rock Cafe at Recoleta after that to buy T-shirt and when wanted to have our lunch there, my god their kitchen were closed. So we went to another restuarant and picked up their set lunch at Pesos 29 (S$15+). Then went for more shopping at the nearby market.

In the evening, we happily walked for 10 blocks from hotel to Puerto Madero (one famous street which full of restaurants), wanting to have our dinner at one of the restaurant. After almost 1hour of walking in the quiet street as all the shops closed for the holiday and hardly any soul passby, once again we turned out to be very disappointed. Most of them were closed and for those that open, the price was simply close to USD 100 for the whole dinner set meal. Not wanting to spend more money, we decided to have our dinner in the hotel. Bad new smashed us again when the reception told us the restaurant was closed too. The last hope we have was to walk to the next street to try those little cafe. Thanks God, there is one that still open and finally we got to have pizza for our dinner.
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Spending the Christmas eve in Argentina was actually the same when you go down to Orchard Road during our Chinese New Year. The street was too quiet and all shops closed for the holiday which everyone will spend together with their families. When walking down the street, I miss my family so much.

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