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Jennifer at Cafe Colombo

01 Dec 2006
Jennifer like Cafe Colombo when she saw the photos I took previously, so the first place I brought her is this café.

Luckily I still managed to find the café after asking the direction from Zeon and we took a lot of photos (as usual cos Jen always said, it’s free so just take as many as we can and select the best one to upload).

Since we behave more than a tourist, we were given a synopsis of Café Colombo.

Confeitaria Colombo was founded in 1894 by two Portuguese adventurous men, Manoel José Lebrão and Joaquim Borges de Meirelles, whose philosophy was “the customer is always right”.

All the Belle Époque charm remains in full bloom at Confeitaria Colombo in the heart of Old Rio. Part of the city’s cultural heritage, it’s also one of the favorite downtown attractions for tourists from all over the world.

The magnificent salons are lined with ornate jacardnda-framed mirrors imported from Belgium at the turn of century. The art nouveau décor is found throughout its showcases, furniture and fittings, ceiling lights and floor dating back to this delightful past.

Confeitaria Colombo benefited from the social and urban progress of the city well as the consequent business development. Soon it became well-known as the place where politicians, journalists, poets, writers and artists went to attend business meetings or simply to have fun.

Eminent visitors, as Queen Elizabeth, from England, and King Albert, from Belgium, had the opportunity to taste its delicious specialties.

Almost all Brazilian presidents were Colombo’s customers. The afternoon tea was an elegant occasion and the ladies of society and their families enjoyed it after shopping. Later at night, the cheerful cocottes filled the salons with their fashionable and colourful clothes. Confeitaria Colombo introduced not only new fashions but also new technologies as the elevator.

Since the beginning of the century the lively Carnival dances at Colombo inspired musicians to write songs that became great hits.

The tradition and effective participation in our society confirm the importance of Confeitaria Colombo in the history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

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