Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jennifer Visiting My Work Place

Well, I always think that it is wonderful to introduce my circle of colleagues and friends to my close friends. Isn't that is one of the good way to know more friends? So I have long planned to bring Jennifer to go to my workplace when she is here, showing her around and to introduce her the friendliest people here. And Jennifer ask me is it okay for her to take photo with my colleague, and I immediately said that they are most welcome to take photo with her. This day happened in the morning, she said she was amazed to feel the warm and friendly smile from everyone. And she feels more happy when everyone have definitely no problem to take photo with her. Check it out from the link and feel the sunny atmosphere in the office, although it was raining outside the window.

Thanks to everyone up there cause your smile have made her stay another wonderful day. Afterall, we can't control much on the wet weather, but sure we can control the sunshine feeling from the warmth of your heart!!!!

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