Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My South America Tour Began

After long preparation and so many quotations here and there, finally we were on our holiday to S.A. Taking flight is the thing I hate to do so but unavoidable especially we are going to be like Ping Pong Ball (That is what my tour agent - Marcelo said so) and indeed we were.

I was so excited to see my beloved Starbucks Coffee when transitting at Santiago Airport to Lima. Hurrily, I asked Jennifer to take photo for me, and she reacted like "Didn't you ever drink Starbucks Coffee before". Immediately I told her, this is my 1st Cafe Latte in S.America. Well I guess I acted much like a little girl at that moment but who cares, we are suppose to be rest and relax during vacation.

Continue our journey to Lima and we reached 10 plus. Have a good sleep to be more energetic for the whole journey.

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