Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lima - City of Peru

We woke up early, trying to explore ourselve within walking distance from Hotel.

We went to Larco Mar shopping center at Miraflores (5 blocks away from Hotel) which is near to the sea. The view was wonderful although there are nothing much for shopping, but I did get myself a beautiful necklace. Relaxing ourselve before the city tour at MANGOS CAFE with a glass of mango juice (they only have it depending on season) and enjoying the great view of the ocean right in front of us.

City Tour is always included in the tour package (I realised now I lost interests in City Tour after this trip) and the main square of the city also become a 'must-go' place to visit. In this heart of historic, we visited Government of Palace - Power of King and Lima's Cathedral- Power of God.

The most incredible experience is when we visited the Church and Convert of San Francisco, whichis known for the catacombs that contain more than 70,000 people, and its open for public. Before Jen told me, I did not know that every church have their own catabomb. Of course, this came with long history - a cemetery at the colonial time. Also, we visited the colonial library and monastery in this church.

After City Tour, we took a cab to Jockey Plaza(JP), one of the biggest shopping center located at east zone. We have to set our price with the taxi driver before hopping in as they do not have meter running in Peru. We were told that anyone one can be taxi driver, as long as a four wheel vehicle with the word TAXI on the car. And our tour guide joked with us that they have a lot of professional taxi driver cos even the lawyer, doctor can work as taxi driver during their spare time.
I bought some accessories and we had our dinner at Tony Roma................ then we have to go back to pack for our journey tomorrow.
Hey hey, of course we took numberous of photos.

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