Friday, December 08, 2006

Nervous Breakdown!!!

My body seems to be slowing down these few days and I can feel my body is fighting hard against the virus. Oh no, pls don't let me fall sick right now, when I was about to go for my vacation just a few days later.
I guess I have been cracking too much of my brain even since Jennifer is here (Hey pal, I am not blaming on you ok, but this is the fact, heehee), as I keep thinking of the best schedule for her stay in Rio. I never had been so 'hardworking' before, trying to find out more of the neighbourhoods here. And now I am planning what is the best routine for her, without being a ping pong ball when visiting Rio City. Luckily I have colleagues who lend their helping hands by providing me information like the bus guide, metro etc, this make me a little more expert than yesterday. And also people like CK and Roy who willingly to drove us around, Thanks God I have them with me!
Well, I hope Jennifer can explore Rio without much difficulties (I can't avoid the language barries though) and enjoy her stay!

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