Saturday, December 16, 2006

Peru - Cusco

After the long tire trip yesterday, both of us slept till 9plus. Not to miss the most important meal of the day, we rush to have our breakfast before the restaurant closed. We had the intension to join the day tour from the city but looking at the sky, that had been raining the whole day, we gave up. So we decided to have the afternoon free and easy. We went to the places which recommended by our tour guide, a 'must-go' San Blas Church. But just like any of those that we visited (sorrie, I am not those who know how to appreciate the art for the God), it look the same to me except for the painting. So we hang around, trying to get more things for our last day in Cusco. Finally we bought the tea bag of Coca tea (since we are not allow to bring the Coca leave out of the country) at S/3.00. Later we found out we got cheated when we went to supermarket to get our instant cup noodle, we realised they are selling only at S/1.30 for the same thing. Angry not because of the money we lost, but I hate those unhonest hawker to cheat on the tourist. I just hate it. Anyway there is nothing we can do and of course, I am not letting this to spoilt my vacation. As the weather was not good, not much of photos taken......... in fact the number of photos is getting lesser each day.

Had a terrible pizza dinner yesterday, that's why we decided it will be better to have hot instant cup noodle in the hotel.

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