Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cusco, Peru

Feel so happy when I can have free internet access at the hotel that I am staying. Too bad I cant download the photo to show all of you, how beautiful the places that we went today.

Macchu Picchu, 3 hours train from Cusco and half hour drive up to the mountain. Due to the climately, Jen and I got terrible headache, I cant even sleep for the whole yesterday night. Luckily it did not affect both of our enjoyable moment today. Although it rain at the beginning of our tour (both of us were lucky, we got personal guide for this trip) but we got another different view of Macchu Picchu.

As usual we got a lot of photos, Jen already used up one 516MB Memory card, we are on our half way for the 2nd one.

Will write again in Chile!!!!

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