Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Birthday Party at Hard Rock Cafe Rio de Janeiro

I am so happy to have so many of my friends and colleagues to attend my 1st birthday party in Rio, especially my best friend Jennifer was here too. Since I am leaving Brazil for good soon, the birthday party become my farewell party (together with Jimmy) too.
The crowd in HRC did not turn up to be as many as usual, partly due to the preparation for the new year countdown for the next day for those people here. Frankly speaking, the music did turn up to be a bit disappointed as it did not bring us to higher spirit. But B52 did. I guess Jimmy must be the one who lead for this drink, Jennifer, Zeon, Roy, Handerson etc joined in the fun. The fun did not stop at one shot or two and not even three (Jimmy said its around ten shots). Anyway we lost count of the shots but certainly someone got drunk there. Not to mention who, but for those who went there should know...... pls keep secret ok....hee hee.

Despite the music was not my favourite, we enjoyed a lot on the dance floor. Jennifer even met her new friends there too. What a small world!

Once again, thank you very much to all my friends for such great memories. I really enjoyed a lot.

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