Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007 Celebration and My Wish

This was the 2nd and last new year celebration in Brazil, and like last year I enjoyed very much during the firework.

We (Jimmy, Zeon, Jennifer, KC, Edward and I ) were invited by the owner of the penthouse of the building (Loft Place) which we stayed in Niteroi, to celebrate the countdown of the new year. At 10pm, we went up happily as a group but when the owner opened the welcome door, opps my goodness I felt we were under dress for the 'party'. We thought it was only a few of us gather, waiting for the wonderful moment at 12 sharp. Never did I know there were more than just us. I feel so ashamed but this did not stop the Brazilian for being friendly to crack all jokes during the party. Also the little drops of rain did not stop the local to move towards the seaside to watch the firework in Icarai Beach that near our apartment. From high up, we would see thousands of people, or rather angels (Cos most of them were in all white) standing together to watch for wonderful moment.

Having enjoying during that moment, I do pray for more peace in every part of the world. The bad news around the world did hurt me a lot, especially when someone out there just simply refuse to 'rest' even for a moment for people to celebrate the happiness of the new year, like Thailand. So this become my one and only wish for the new year, in fact in my daily life.

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