Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy or Sad - You Chose It!

I just heard from my sister that one of her friends has passed away due to DEPRESSION.

Life is full of ups and downs, we feel happy and sad at times but the strange thing is, somehow only the sadness and not happiness will keep following us. We don’t remember those happiness things as easy as the sadness. When something bad happened to us, we began to feel how sad we are, and this is how we fall into the trap of depression.

DEPRESSION is an illness and we need to cure it before it kills us. I heard and saw a lot of stories that turned one happy person into major depressive disorder. It hurts me when seeing my friend being so sad and unhappy, that’s why I always try my best to be a good listener and to console anyone who need help, knowing that it might not help much but this is the least thing I can do.

So my friend, no matter what bad things should happen, pls remember that it will not lasts forever, unless you want it to follows like your shadow. The sun will rise after the dark, and only when you learn to LET GO, you will live your life happier. Don’t let sadness take away the happiness that you deserve in life.

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