Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Thought For The Past Year 2006 & Future Year 2007

8 days since the New Year arrived and I still have not yet thinking of what I had been doing and what’s next for me to achieve.

2 years in Brazil was a great and wonderful experience in my life. One step closer to know better, how big the world is and how little I knew and so much more I can learn, both at work and in life. This is coming to an end as I will be returning home soon. Looking back now, I felt myself stronger (not yet the strongest so still have room for improvement) a bit to handle thing alone. I felt myself did not put on more effort to become a better person, in term of my bad points. Been trying to kick off my bad temper and laziness but here I am, still a quick-temper, lazy and a straight forward person.

This country is so big but enough for me to learn the passionate towards life, the friendliness and helpfulness towards one another although the difference between the rich and the poor is so great apart. APPRECIATION, I will continue to learn in my life and learn in each single day to become better than yesterday. I had been such a lucky girl to meet all my friends (hopefully there is no enemy) and colleagues to help and guide me along my path. I hope I can be a better person in order to ‘pay back’ for those who helped me and to help those who need so.

I know this year is going to be a busy year for me when back to Singapore. Hope I can do well to achieve my target, again both at work and in life.

And hope all my friends can do well too!

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