Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chingay 2007

Photo courtesy of channelnewsasia
At the end, I didn’t go down to Orchard to watch Chingay which I thought I very much wanted to go. Watching LIVE from TV while playing mahjong (which playing M.J is only a yearly issue to me). Of course, I ended up seeing nothing cos my back is facing the TV.

And four of us had little conversation over this Chingay.

My sis: ‘Aiyo, why goes there since you can watch from the TV? See, so crowded and it is so hot.’

Her friend: ‘Well you can enjoy the whole atmosphere and have fun with all the people there.’

Me: ‘Right, you can enjoy this kind of harmony together with your country. Moreover, there will be party after the Chingay, hmmmm, it will be real fun. I remembered I went to the first Singapore Street Party when I was young. We enjoyed a lot of fun.'

When the little firework began…………..

My sis: ‘Wow, they even have this, must costs a lot’.

Her friend: ‘I wonder how much they need to spend…..?’

My sis: ‘Why they have this twice a year, CNY and National day, waste of money’

Me: ‘In order to celebrate, you will have to spend $$$ for sure, but most importantly is we still can enjoy this kind of ‘celebration’ now. Sis, you remember you use to bring us to watch this Chingay when we were young (P.S my sis is much elderly than me, so I am almost the same generation with her children. She treats me more like her kid than younger sis). So we should feel proud that we still can have this Chingay for so many years.’

My friend just shakes his head. Meaning he will never wants to go such crowded place.

Me: ‘If I have kakis to go there, I will join them for sure.’

Well, perhaps so. We can’t have the 100% people be there to watch the Chingay. And we do able to enjoy watching from TV too.


oceanskies79 said...

Hi Pauline, thanks for visiting my blog.

Well, I figured that having offical fireworks display would be necessary so that the folks have something to look forward to now that the lighting of firecrackers (without permit) is being banned.

And yes, to create a festive mood.

Pauline said...

I agree. This is something we can look forward in life in such happy festival. Else CNY will be even more bore :P

Johnny Ong said...

as for those national days parade in malaysia, i have not been to 1 of them hehehe