Friday, February 02, 2007

How Much Have You Been Doing?

In Singapore, it seems that we did not put much effort to help on our environment. Although we do see Re-cycle bins here and there, but you can see it is not being fully utilize or worst, being mis-used.

Sad but I can’t do much about this. All I can do is to begin from myself to help to save the environment. I am not doing good enough so I will need to remind myself now and then, and hopefully my friends can do so. The strength of a group of people is definitely stronger than one person.

This is the list of things I will TAKE ACTION with immediate effect and hope I can do it best.
1) Use Recycled Paper / Reduce Paper Using
2) Take Shorter Shower – Or no shower perhaps, ha ha.
3) Carpool - That’s why I still prefer to take public transport
4) Reduce Garbage – I think I had been wasting too much recently
5) Bring Cloth Bag to the Market – I need to buy one and start practicing

With these, I believe I can do more after practicing them in my daily life. You too!


Cool Insider said...

Hi Pauline,

Came across your blog from Zeezee. Must be interesting for two gals to venture out into a world so different from Singapore. I would love to visit Brazil and South America, especially to see the land of the Incas!

I blogged recently about the environment in Singapore too, in a paranoid sort of way.

Pauline said...

Yes, S.A is worth to visit but really need time and $$$ too. Plan early and I believe u can achieve that one day.

Lam Chun See said...

You did not mention reduce air-conditioner use. I find it one of the most effective. My elect bills is much below national ave for my house type. People who stay in landed properties shd also install solar panels.

Pauline said...

Hee hee, lucky me (or unlucky to others) my house do not have air-con. But yr idea is noted for my future hse.