Thursday, February 08, 2007

Barbara is in Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen, here come my friendiest Brazilian friend, just touch down the night before her birthday.

I remembered that the last time Barbara mentioned to me about coming to Singapore for vacation, that was almost two months ago ad now she is finally in town (Time flies). Her friend specially arranged a party gathering at Kazbar on her next arrival day. Four of us, who worked in Brazil before, went to her birthday party. It is always good to have friend from overseas to visit my homeland.

Looking at her sweet happy face , I can tell that she is having great fun.

Before the party, Steven, Jimmy, Abdul and I went to this Moti Mahal Restuarant at Murray Street for dinner. They had been in business for 30 years and served very nice Northern Indian Cuisine. Try it if you like Indian food!


zeezee said...
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zeezee said...

i miss the fun. sob sob..
btw, the pics r so boobylicious.