Thursday, February 08, 2007

Morton’s of Chicago

Went to this steak house with my kakis yesterday for a wonderful dinner. Before the dinner, we went to their bar house to have a drink. As usual, I only drink non-alcohol drink, despite my kakis keep promoting how good the taste of the Martini is. First, they tried the Lai-Chee favor, then the Green apple and the Chocolate. Seems like the sinful Chocolate does not suit their taste. Majority prefer the green apple but the best is their on house ‘Beef Bread’.

With this group of kakis around, laughter is always there and yes, I enjoyed a lot with all their funny and sometime ‘dirty’ jokes. At least we can laugh away the stress we had during the day. That’s why I love to join this (monthly) gathering with them, as we have so much in common to joke about. After all, we can’t take all things too seriously and a little laughter is good for us.

I realized recently I am not able to stay up too late. Once the clock reach 8 plus, my eye will automatic feel so sleepy and restless. Maybe because of the heavy dinner (wow, had been eating a lot since home), maybe I have to wake up 5am the next morning or maybe age is catching up (yeeeeeee OMG). I think the most reason is lacking of exercise. Lazy me, what can I say?

Hmmm, looking at the rest of this week’s schedule, I am petty busy with gathering. Hope I still can ‘tahan’ and perhaps get rid of my tiredness. Hee hee.


zeezee said...

hows Barbarra bday party?? =)

Czenfan said...

I've ate at Mortons, Good Steaks !!

Glad you had a good time. Its Cold in Chicago right now, I was just there a few days ago.

Jason Ho said...

oh should try the Martinis at Mortons on weekdays from 5 to 7pm...good and they give out free steak sandwiches...mmmm...try try try!

Pauline said...

Hi Czenfan, I guess the food is good from my kakis expression when eating. For me, they special prepare vegetarian food which is all vegetable but excellent too.