Friday, March 30, 2007


Searched from Internet dictionary, complain means to say that something is wrong or not satisfactory.

Often we might be dealing / facing thing that are wrong or not satisfactory. When a person is telling you the details of what is happening to him/her, of how he/she feels about the current situation. Perhaps repeating telling the same thing might become complain to the listener (even thought he/she is in the same situation everyday, that’s why he/she is telling almost the same thing). In that the case, does that means we are complaining everyday???? Now with some of the reactions received, I began to wonder am I ‘complaining’ too much?

So how do you define a person is complaining (too much)?


eastcoastlife said...

You might want to join
I'm the first member to sign up :). hehe...

Pauline said...

Ha ha, I believe this is nothing new cos Singaporean are quite well known as Complains King or Queen. But I do hope my life do not turn into 'complain always'