Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Blue

Spent the whole Sunday doing nothing, thought of getting some rest and be relax at home so that I can have full power to begin my week at work.

Who knows………. I am getting serious ‘Monday blue’, but the sky is not blue at all. Raining dogs and cats right now.

Rain, rain, rain, hoping you can wash away my blue, blue, blue. I have to Jia You, jia you!!!!


Jason Ho said...

hmmm..feel your pain there man..I thought I was going to get a massive monday blue today so I went for a 45 min foot reflexology and shoulder massage at chinatown...solid man..I feel great now!!

well..not really..I am still pretty blue today..keke :P


Dawn said...

i also very blue here in Norway. blue from work and cold... brrr.. dun worry it is just a phase. once you get busy u will enjoy the rest =) jia you ok.
Good to know you have so many things going on. life is getting better! think positive!!!

Pauline said...

I went for massage after work, feel better and sleep throughout the night.

Jason Ho said...

ahhh you see..massage always works... :)