Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How Can A Lazy Person Start To Exercise

I promise to go for regular exercise once back in Singapore. A day passed, a week passed and even one month has gone and coming to the second month, but nothing is in progress for exercising.

Aiyo, I must admit that I am a super lazy person, especially when talking about exercise. I know I must do something to maintain my weight, when age is catching up day by day. But on the other hand, I keep using all excuses to stop myself. Busy with appointment, here pain there pain, too tire (but never tire for shopping) etc.

But here, at (very) least there is something I can do. I will climb more stairs instead of taking life in daily life. Office at level 3 and Engineering at level 5, I need to go up and down a few times each day. Back home, I will climb up to level 8 to ease off a little of my guilt for being not exercising since day one.

I believe I will go for exercise one day. :p


Jason HO said...

keke..I feel your pain there again man..so difficult ah..

My plan was initially to start after Christmas, then I pushed it to New Year, Chinese New Year, Taiwan trip and pretty much ran out of excuses...

so I dragged myself to gym yesterday...felt like dying...uuggh!

Pauline said...

Keep it up, Jason.

I hope I can maintain climbing the stairs at least, ha ha.