Sunday, March 25, 2007

Public Transport - TAXI – The Auto-Door

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I remembered the first time I saw the auto-door of the taxi, was from the Japanese Drama series. Seeing the lady lead raised her hand to hire a taxi, the door was opened when the taxi stopped for her to aboard.

Then, it happened in Singapore too, which only part of it. Now, we can see almost every taxi will have an “Auto-door” sticker sticks on the door but never did I
experience a single time that it really open automatically (perhaps I am not lucky enough to see that happen to me). Not even when my hands were full of bags.

Of course, I doesn’t mean that every single passenger will need the taxi to activate the auto-door cos we are still so used to open it ourselves. But under what situation will they help to ‘open’ the door, I wonder sometime?????? I believe there must be someone there who had experience the ‘open sesame’. Quick, share with me. Let me believe their auto-doors do functioning and not only with the sticker on it.


Jason Ho said... a techy person..I love such things..I did remembered an uncle opening the door for me once...real nice guy..and he blew me off me feet..I was like "Fwah..uncle do it again"

yeah..he gave me the "uh oh..not another idiot" look.. :P

Pauline said...

Haha, at least you got a chance to experience it! But really I never see it happen too, less saying happen to me.

etel said...

hahahahaha cute experience up there jason..

there was once, a taxi uncle opened the door when i was about to board, and guess what? the door flunked open and knocked me at my hand :( coz i was trying to open the door hehe

Pauline said...

Hi Etel, I guess yr experience proved tat we still so use to opening the door ourselves. I wonder when will be the day tat all Singapore cabs (driver) will activate the auto-door.

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