Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Public Transport – Bus

Every morning (except for Sunday, thanks goodness that I can have at least a day in a week to wake up late) I will take the second earliest shuttle bus no. 804, around 5.40am to Yishun Bus Interchange to catch up my company bus. Most of the time, the air-con of the bus seems to be on full power that made Singapore, a sudden winter. Perhaps not many people are taking that bus ride. Some time, I regretted for not wearing my sweater, just for the sake of this bus ride.

Every evening I will take the same bus number 804 (or 806 which operate everyday except Sun & PH) back home. And most of the time, the air-con of the bus seems like running out of power, cause you can only feel nothing else but the humans’ heat all around you. Perhaps too many people are taking the ride this time. Some time, I really feel like “Hey, are you trying to test my tolerance towards this heat in this unclosed bus?”

So I wonder, could it be just the ‘un-adjustable’ air-con that results the situation of ‘too cold’ or ‘too hot’ for our bus ride. Or simply that the bus drive sitting in front is not able to feel the coldness or hotness on the bus.

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