Friday, April 06, 2007

Ching Ming - A Day To Remember Our Ancestor

Of course, I believe our ancestor will always on our mind. Time flies, in fact it been 17 years since my dad left us.

As usual, we went to pay him a respect at Guang Ming Shan (near Bishan Park). Unlike most of the people there, we did not buy a lot of 'paper hell money note, car, accessories' to burn, just one simple package which include some Hell Money and Shirt. But I do hope one day we can use fresh flower and fruits to replace all these traditional praying items.

Met my third aunt and my cousins, so we went to pay a respect to our third uncle too.

The places was expected over-crowded, but after so many years of experiences, the temple (is it right to call as 'temple'?) have better arrangement. Cisco was there to maintain the vehicles flow, tents were built to reduce the heat for us during our praying, workers were there to help to send (burn) all our 'gifts to ancestors'. So with all these arrangement, it made our praying more smoothly than ever. Just one problem that alwas difficult to settle, the parking lots. We had to park our car at Bishan park (and we were already lucky enough to get a lot there). As they located a big place to have all the things burn and there I saw this poor tree, with the black smoke burning out from the pike, all the leaves were dry and I can feel that tree is crying. "Oh pls, dont get this so near to me, I am hurting." My heart sink too. Frankly speaking, we are harming the environment when keeping the traditional way of praying.

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