Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bakerzin at Paragon

Jennifer is leaving town to Australia for her short business trip, so I met her for meal at Bakerzin at Paragon since I have not seen her since her birthday. Well, this is my vegetarian pizza but somehow it didn't look like pizza.
(But I love it, will come for it again next time)

Jen 'half-eaten' seafood Spaghetti (She enjoyed a lot)

My Illy Expressso

Jen's hearty Cafe Latte

Our usual self-taking photo


Cool Insider said...

Yummy.... Must go and try the food there one of these days. The only time I was there was for desert like a couple of years back.

Speaking of which we should organise a foodie's gathering one of these days since there are so many of us.

Pauline said...

Hooray, I "raised two hands together" to support you on the gathering.

zeezee said...

Ya man.. i agreed.. but can wait for me o not??

I love Bakerzin, y Jen din finish her seafood spag?? i love 'em Prawns.

U noe wat? i always find it lovely when the barista made an effort to present their coffee. look at the cappucino! the beautiful heart makes my day =)

Pauline said...

Of cos we can wait for you (for 2 or 3 mths, no problem lah)

She finished it all, definitely. Just I stopped her from eating when she was eating to take this photo, so half-eaten lor, hee hee.

I agree. Next time I will try their cafe latte too.