Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gathering With My Ex-Kaki

Had a gathering with one ex-colleague(I didn't get to see her for 2 years) since she is in town and 3 of us went to "Pizza Walker" at Wisma Atria for dinner.

I took some pic of the foods ordered but decided not to publish due to the disappointment. Saying it in the nice way, their soup, pizza (for myself) and pasta (for my ex-col and special fd) don't suit our taste at all. Hope you guys get what I wanted to say, they really made me 'walk away'. And the food is exp too. Worst, special fd vomitted out what he ate when reached home. He feels much better after throwing out all the food which he dislike the taste so much.

Luckily the food did not spolit our gathering mood, we enjoyed a lot talking about our old days and exchanging info of our current status. My ex-col has been doing Yoga twice a week since she resigned and she slimmed down a lot then. No wonder Jennifer love Yoga so much that she can go for it almost every day.


P.S, This restaurant was recommended by my colleague, saying the food was nice. I just mentioned to her about our incident. I guess the chief must be different, that's why turn up to have different result.


zeezee said...

Huh.. that bad arr?? Mm.. okie.. banned!!

Pauline said...

Maybe just our luck loh. Sharry & her kakis do enjoyed the food a lot.