Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Rainy Days..............

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Little children want to play."
Anyone remember this? I still remember this little sentence (but duno where I got this from).

But I do not remember that now is the rainy season in Singapore, where have the sun gone? It's been raining almost everyday for the past weeks and worst, at least to a lot of my colleagues and myself; it always started to rain at 4.30pm when we knock off. The sky was always so dark in the afternoon but only started to pour so heavily at that hour. The only explanation we gave was, our "Feng Shi" here is good, water mean wealth. Anyway, this is simply how we feel when it started to rain, not such of complaining.

Nevertheless, I can’t stop to worry as the Global Climate Change each day.

'most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is likely to be attributable to human activities'.

I guess we are far too slow to start doing something to reduce the ‘hurting’. Last time I used to think we can do something to HELP the global warning but now, I think the right word to use is to REDUCE. Unlike the olden days, today we are using things in our daily life (for our convenience) that are damaging the earth. So I started to use the reuse bag, to cut down my water usage (but still continue to drink at least 1.5Ltr of water each day, hee hee) and electricity. And here’s more tips from BBC website to share with you.

Things you can do today at no cost:
* Turn off lights when you leave a room
* Only boil the amount of water you need in your kettle
* Turn off televisions, videos, stereos and computers when they are not in use - they can use between 10 and 60% of the power they use when on
* Don't leave fridge doors open for longer than necessary, let food cool down fully before putting in the fridge or freezer, defrost regularly and keep at the right temperature
* Close curtains at dusk to keep in heat
* Let your clothes dry naturally rather than using a tumble drier
* Use economy programmes on dishwashers or washing machines
* Where possible don't stand cookers and fridges/freezers next to each other

Things you can do in the future or with an initial cost:
* Put foil behind radiators fitted on external walls
* Use energy saving lightbulbs - they use a quarter of the electricity and last much longer
* Insulate your hot water tank and pipes
* Speak to your energy provider about their 'green tariff' - they may be able to match your energy consumption with an equivalent amount of energy from renewable sources
* Fit seals to externals doors, skirting boards and floor boards to reduce heat loss - 15% of heat is lost through draughts and 15% through the floor
* Make your windows draught proof or fit double glazing - this cuts heat loss in half - up to 10% of heat is lost through uninsulated windows(NB ventilation is essential in rooms with gas, oil or solid fuel appliances so don't block of ventilation in rooms with these types of appliances.)
* Fit wall insulation - up to 33% of heat is lost through uninsulated walls
* Replace old inefficient boilers

For tips on environmentally friendly transport, shopping and saving water, see 'other ways to help'.

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