Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Learning Process

When life is down and seems a little tougher than your usual days, normally we said this is a learning curve that will make us a stronger person. Cause we all knew that in learning process, it is never easy and relaxing as we wish them to be (Oh I believe my most happiest moment in learning was during Kindergarden time). So by thinking and react more positively, life will be more cheerful and the sky looks brighter.

So during every stage of my learning, regardless in life or at work, I always hope that I can learn as much as I could, despite I might have different kinds of emotions at different stage of the process. Well, I don’t know is this a good and necessary sign (perhaps I am too emotional), but definitely I am heading towards getting a little more perfect each single day.

And this is what I always ask myself during my learning process: -

Observer – Am I observer enough to learn more than what I was taught or suppose to learn. Am I smart enough to get it understood at the shortest time if I could be more observer.

Patient – Am I patient enough when I was being left out or was told to wait. Knowing this is a test to see how patient I am, how much I can be endure with.

I do admit I am a quick-temper person; most of the time I am not patient enough to wait for just another second for thing to happen. Well, esp when you are at the junction when you have to wait a little longer for a person to guide you. I do believe as long as I am not learning to be more patient, I will always get this test. (Serve me right for not learning quick and smart enough, I guess)

Endure – When a person turns out to be a little unfriendly (as he/she have too many to handle), or instruction given was not clear. How should I endure and challenge these in friendlier way.

Hey, I do like this as this show how friendly a person is and how friendly am I too. And honestly speaking, a lot of Singaporeans are not as patient as they can be. Hmmm, I am one of them. Paiseh paiseh. But I am learning to be one, ok.

Complain – I am still confusing that when you mention to ‘somebody’ of whatever things that happened, is this consider complain. Or should I remain silent????

Frustration – And the above do make me feel frustrated and angry in my heart. Most of the time, it was ME who I am angry with.

See when facing my learning process, I do have plenty thoughts in my mind. Or perhaps I think too much (my friends always said I think too much and weird too). However, so far so good, at least my sky is still bright.


eastcoastlife said...

Actually dun take to heart the things most ppl, who are not directly related to you, say. Some jus dun have brains when they talk.

When you voice your opinion, they say you like to complain. When you tell them not to do certain things or point out they do it wrongly, they accuse you of scolding them.

It's good you take time to look at yourself but don't 钻牛角尖!

Bad news! Baskin Robbins is really outta Singapore! :(

Pauline said...

Txs for yr advise, I will keep it up and do my best!

Too bad, then let Ben and jerry to replace, but very exp loh.