Monday, April 09, 2007

My Lost And Found Hobby - Photograhpy

My family and friends are commenting that I had been taking lots of photos ever since I do bloging. But not many know that actually Photography is one of my hobbies, which is now so ‘well-hidden’ that I myself almost forgotten it too.

It started off when I was in Sec. One, I joined this Photography Club as my ECA subject together with Jennifer. I remembered clearly that I was not able to afford one full set of camera equipment at that time, so my kind teacher – Mr. Gwee lend me the whole set which belongs to the school under one condition that I have to handle with care. Of course, I have to pay for my own negative firm and the fee of developing photos.

That was one of my happiest moments. We went to Sentosa (I remembered we went there at least 6 to 8 time in that year cos most entrance fee is free), Zoological, Botanical Garden, some event venues etc. Mr. Gwee taught us how to change the lens manually, how to focus when taking photos, how to capture the beautiful moments. How to insert the negative firm, how to take them out when using ‘half of the firm’, how to put it back again when need to use the same one etc. How we can learn to be more patient and observant during the photo shooting.

OMG! It almost slipped off my mind that I ever knew all these before, after so many years busily with other things in life. Or perhaps so use to the user-friendly digital camera, just a click will do.

This good memories last for only a year cos Mr. Gwee decided to retire on our 2nd year, and the club was handed over to another teacher. It did not last long too due to whatever reason which I can’t recall. Eventually the borrowed camera set need to return to the school, and this hobby of mine ‘left’ me just like this.

Years later, I managed to get my own 2nd hand camera set from my friend and the passionate appeared again. I went around in Singapore to take photos (esp the Zoo cos I love taking photos for animals) most of the time, alone. But life was a bit tough for me to continue this hobby, so after few years later, ‘we’ broke up again.

Till today, with the small digital camera, it brings me a little more memories back to the past. I wish I could get a better functions digital camera one day and continue this little hobby again.

Sometime, life is too busy and rushes for us to stop down and have a good look at our surrounding. CAPTURE THE MOMENT IN LIFE is what I always hope I can do in my life.


zeezee said...

its good to have something that can inspire you and keep you going and its even betta to rekindle the flame after u lost it.

Keep up the hobby n hv fun!

Pauline said...

Yap, hope slowly I can pick it up again and to lighten up my life.