Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just Another Sunday

Forget to 'show off' my new big sunglass that bought yesterday. My sister found it was too big but I like it cos it covers fully of my eyes. Must protect my skin when under the sun.

Went to Causeway Point to buy toys for special friend's kids. Wow, thousand of choices to chose from, now I know how kids can be easily spoilt nowsaday. We do not have this kind of luxury when we were young so we will tend to buy more for own kid (I think somehow it like buying toys for them to'compensate' our childhood).

After that, we went to Gelare Cafe for a Waffle to have our own luxury too.

Just another lazy Sunday.


mashi said...

oh.. causeway pt got gelare cafe liao arr??

eastcoastlife said...

the sunglasses so huge! :)

Pauline said...

Yes, I think it is located at level 3 (if not wrong). Nice waffles they served.

Pauline said...

Ha ha, my fd said look like eyes of a big fly :P

zeezee said...

haha.. thats my fav trutti fruitty waffles .. * yum *