Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oops My Neck

I have been attending my lesson for the last few weekends, and each week I wish I could have an excuse of need not to go.

This morning I have a good one..............I sprinked my neck when woke up and can't move much action. Quite in the pain (although still bearable) but I won't be able to carry big bag as needed to, so I decided to stay home to rest. Then I realised it is still better for me to be in good condition to attend the class. At least I get to sit down and learn new knowledge with my classmates.

Alamak, I think I still didn't cherish enough of each moment hor.


DK said...

Really sprinked your neck or is it an excuse? :p

OK, if it is real, hope you have a speedy recovery.

Pauline said...

:'( I do not wish to 'curse' myself to give this kind of excuse. Now I am still suffering from the neck pain. Hope I can fully recovery after tonight sleep, hee hee.

Jason Ho said...

oooooooooouch...truly not fun man...I need my neck on a daily basis..hope you have recovered oredi... :)