Monday, April 30, 2007

The pain goes on but is recovering.....

We all know that health is the most important thing in life. Without good health, we can't do much thing even you are the richest person in life.

Just this 'seems like not big deal neck pain' is painful enough for me to feel frustrated for the past few days. I struggled myself to wake up yesterday morning and get my nephew to drive me to the class, as I do not wish to absent myself from the lesson. But I simply can't concentrate on anything. I had been trying to focus on what the lecturer said, but still failed to do so. So I attended half day class and went home by cab to get more rest.

Thought I will fully recover when I woke up 5am this morning, but who knows the pain is still there. I think this is the worst 'neck pain' I ever got and pls loh, let me fully recover before the Labour Day. I need to get a lot things done both at work and in life (I mean my study at this moment, so many assignments need to complete and group discussion with my study group).

And by the way, HAPPY LABOUR DAY. Try not to work too hard on this day ok.


Ivy said...


All of us had our Labour Day Treat (Ice-Cream) at work today. Courtesy by: Ramzi.

Pauline said...

Alamak, i miss the chance, what a waste.

zeezee said...

Can i hv a raincheck??