Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back To Normal

Lucky for me that my temperature was back to normal after resting at home on the 3rd day, without much help from any medicine of relief fever which I am allergy to.

Today my life is back to normal, by attending my course again.

After my class, I met special friend at City Hall for dinner before heading home.

Me at Out of the Pan Restaurant at City Hall, at last get to go out for dinner.
My devil mango drink but taste like syrup

My vegetarian Mama Margherita

The little fountain in the restaurant

After great dinner, we went Hzzgen-Dazs for our dessert. Just to end our day with some sweetness.


Jason Ho said...

oh yeah..pretty unique food there yeah? I did try there once in a while but found out that the meat portions weren't so big..always get hungry after that (tho I am always hungry)..keke..

Anyhoo..glad to know you are doing fine now man...I still got some sick friends I am not talking to till they recovered...~snigger~

Cool Insider said...

Glad that you are feeling better and have overcomed the viruses! Its always scary to have high fever...

zeezee said...

dun over -indulged, take it slowly. =)