Monday, May 21, 2007

My Sick Week

About my ‘holiday’ last week, it was like a dream to me cos basically everything to me seems to be ‘on hold’ or stop. I didn’t eat much (but didn’t lose much weight), I didn’t do much thing too (no wonder I didn’t lost weight ha ha) cos I felt tire easily. I believe caring and loving is what a patient needed most when he/she is sick, at least this is how I feel. And I am glad that I have my loving sisters who were there for me, and now I love them even more. I am lucky to have special friend who also accompanied me as much as he could.

During those sick days, some of my close colleagues sent their regards to me, but not from the management level. Even some of my blogger’s friends also wish me ‘Get well soon’. Perhaps when work life is so busy, the management will tends to forget the tendency to care for their employer. Only when you are back to your work station, they will ask “How are you now”? I don’t expect anything from them either, but this brought me some questions, “How much do I actually care for my own family, friends and colleagues?” “How much time do I really spend with my family?” “And how should I live in a healthier lifestyle, so that my sister can less worry about me?” I am so sorry that I made her so worry for me last week, which I can sensed her sadness there.

In our culture, we know well that we don’t express ourselves much, even when we do really care for someone. I guess this is the reason why we don’t feel much love and passion around us. So I will want myself to be more passionate in life, to let my loved one feel my love, to brighten up my life in any way, even life is so busy.

And now if you ask me to weight between my job and family, I think my answer is obvious. Cos my family can never be replaced and they are the one who were there when I need love and caring.


Cool Insider said...

That's definitely the most important choice you have to make. For the past few weeks, I have read, heard and experienced so many griefs that I know the answer is quite clear. This is why I am also spending less time blogging and more time with my son and wife.

Pauline said...

Great that you think alike too. And do enjoy yr time with your family. I always love to see those photos that you took for yr wife & kid, so loving family.