Friday, May 11, 2007


I am on leave today and suppose to do something for myself. But now, it was cancelled.

Had been struggling myself through the whole yesterday, went for one meeting after another. When reached home, I forced myself to eat a little and went to bed immediately. Slight fever and whole body is aching. Woke up at least once each hour to go toilet and to drink more water during the night.

Finally dawn arrived, I felt much better. Got myself to sleep more to 'compensate' the loss sleep during the night. My kind sister made some "Lin Yang" for me to drink, ate some breakfast but suddenly fever come again. I guess having fever is like this, up and down, up and down. Took one Panadol, and went back to sleep.

During my sleep, I dreamt all my Brazilian Kakis are in Singapore and we are having lot of fun. Guess I miss them so much, miss their fun-loving which I think I hardly have it in Singapore. Sometime, you really need to put some effort to make life a little more interesting in Singapore, else it can be quite bore & stress during normal routine.(You can be busy but still feel boring)


zeezee said...

Oooh.. poor gal...

I shall send them ur regards.
May u get well soon!

tigerfish said...

Yes, the work life in Singapore can be "killing" man! It has tortured me for so many years. You need to get out of stress, lady!

Tomorrow, when you walk out of the house, look up the blue sky (if it's indeed blue and not cloudy that day;p) and appreciate life a little.

Pauline said...

Txs Zeezee.

Hi Tigerfish, the sky should be blue this morning when I am on my way to visit doc, but didn't appreciate much due to the pain. Hopefully before Monday, I can fully recover.

DK said...

Weather in Singapore is rather bad lately. Suddenly very warm, then suddenly rain like mad. Alot of pple have fallen sick lately.

Take care and speedy recovery.

Jason Ho said...

Gosh...take lots of rest rest rest..good for the body and mind..and dun think so much man..

Tigerfish is right tho..our work lifestyles here abit too stressful..everything must be fast fast fast...sigh~

Leo said...

Hi Pauline,

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Good Health !