Thursday, May 10, 2007


I remembered taking one of the core unit - Mangement 100 not long ago, the lecturer taught us about how a manager should be managing his team. Such as how to organise, do planning, get the right man to do the right job, human relationship etc. All mentioned about IQ, but what about EQ?

This question pop out of my mind after I attended my so-called first time Management Project Meeting. My big boss wanted to have the feel of it since I am the project coodinator of this project. (Every project have a representative from each dept, like Commercial dept, Engineering dept and of cos, the project management to gather all info for the project for weekly meeting). And this Management meeting is held monthly from all section heads to further discuss about problems occur.

I can't be talking abou the topis discussed since it's confidential. But sitting behind the big round table, looking at all the managers (from section head to ED/MD), I can feel that it is so negative to become part of management. I am not saying there is no positive thinking and good behaviour among them, but looking at the fire shooting around (but yet I still feel so cold cos I am sick, again, sigh), the negative sides of it covered everything. Political, saying different stories in front of the big bosses, doing "tai chi", and for the first time I can realy feel why they always say big bosses see only big picture cos they don't even want to listen a word more about the explanation. Perhaps time consume. Could it due to each different characteristic or to join in the 'culture', everyone have to act 'big and fierce' throughout the meeting.

So I see no EQ in this meeting at all. I do understand it is not easy being a manager is not easy cos you have to due to more things, more (diff level) people, big picture. But does that means being a manger, you can throw pamper at others, hinting that at least I can throw up my stress???? My friend always said to me, you are not a manager so you won't be able to understand how stressful and tough the job can be. Maybe so, I am not in that position, so I never able to understand but try to understand, if they can use EQ (control their temper) in front of the big bosses, why can't they use EQ in front of his staff?

Another question out, did I ever respect any of my bosses here????


Cool Insider said...

Now you know what its like huh? I go through this every week, though I must say that we are a lot more candid, frank (maybe too honest) and upfront during such meetings. One of the most important things to me is humility, and bosses should learn to admit their mistakes, apologise and eat humble pie sometimes.

The greatest tragedy is when you rise to become a senior manager but lose your humanity in the process. No amount of money, power or prestige in the world can buy one happiness, peace of mind and love.

Pauline said...

You are right, humanity is important despite who you are. But maybe this become part of natural behaviour when someone become a manager.