Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life is getting busier again, so plan ahead.

After attending each core unit subject, we will bounce to have at least two assignments to do, giving us approximate 3 weeks deadline to complete. Luckily, my group (so far we have our own fix study group) is very hardworking, to finish our assignment as soon as possible before the snow ball gets bigger after each class. But still, the scenario will not end till we complete our whole course. Even heard from our previous batch students that our study will be quite busy and tough during the week in Perth, which will be during this coming July.

At work, there are still a lot of outstanding issues to be settled. My attachment to Engineering is still in progress and so is the IQC project. Anyway, who have ever finished their job at work? That’s why we are being employed, hee hee.

Despite having so many things to do, I do hope I can have relaxation during the week. Like my favourite facial, my massage and a little outing during the weekend. Hmmm, I must have a good planning.


Pankaj Gupta said...

hi Pauline,
looing Cool...wish you have a Relaxation time enought o take a Breath..ha ha..good day dear,,..

zeezee said...

haha.. even thou its juz Wednesday, but still wishing u a great weekend ahead!!

Pauline said...

Hey Pankaj gupta, thanks for dropping by, I will sure enjoy my relaxation time.

Pauline said...

Zeezee, in fact I am looking forward for this wkend. Going for gathering with my old pals.