Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One At A Time, plsssss......

As usual, I went to work in the early morning and I met my colleague at the bus-stop, waiting for the feeder bus. Both of us looked so tire (as she is not fully recover from her sickness yet) and in fact we are tire. Then suddenly, I felt left side of my neck aching. Then I said to myself, "Oh, come on. Pls do not let all the aching problem come all at one time. I am so tire of having here pain, there pain. Do I age so much over night?"

So throughout my journey to work, I felt so uneasy and disturbed. I didn't even bother to go for breakfast when reached office and was hesitating whether should I visit my company doctor or not. Finally, I can't stand the aching which has more or less disturbing my life, I went to the medical center to see the doc. Told him my problem and most importantly, I can't get good sleep for the past few nights. This young doc (luckily not the other old doc who is strict and fierce most of the time) gave me one day MC to rest at home.

But my sister think I should go to visit Chinese doc again, as she felt the previous doc I went is not good at all. So my nephew drove me all the way from Yishun to Toa Payoh to see this doc, which he only see patients from 1pm to 6pm. The doc told me, while treating my problem, that the previous doc did not do the good job. The main problem was my nerve of both shoulder is 'out of place', so he just need to adjust it back. It was not as painful as the previous one and really, I feel so muc better after that. Then he said, I should feel even better tomorrow (Is he hinting me that if I still feel the pain, I can go back and see him FOC????).

And now, 3pm at home, I am going for a good sleep before going out for group discussion with my classmates in the evening. Frankly speaking, I still think I can't fully feel relax when I still have so much thing in my mind. My assignment, my attachment at work, the IQC........sigh, that's life. Anyway, go to sleep first.


Jason Ho said...

glad you saw a doc again man..aches do happen once in a no worries man..

I rem one time I twisted my shoulder blade during golf and can't sneeze or cough coz if I will HURT SOOOOO BAD!! Ironically I was having the flu is so cruel...~snigger~

Have some rest and feel better man..we will party one day!! oosh oosh!!

Pauline said...

Txs Jason, this "Sin Seh" really works, at least I feel more relax after that. Nowsaday, getting the right Chinese doc is so difficult too.