Thursday, June 07, 2007

What’s keep a love relationship lasts?

Communication (of cos not in harsh way)
Little tolerance, I guess.
(What’s more to learn in this learning curve?)

If one of the above is losing, can this relationship lasts?

One more to add for the above, that is Understanding.


Jen said...

Jen's 4Cs of maintaining a relationship or what matter to me in a relationship :

1. Comfort : someone I can click with. Just imagine one has to spend the rest of his/her life with that someone. If comfort level is not there for both parties, its like living in miserable.

2. Chemistry : the feeling of "RIGHT" to be together...Only the "TWO" will know deep inside if they are meant to be together.

3. Communication : It takes two hands to clap, the same applies to a relationship.

4. Commitment : the same amount of effort from both parties should be put it in order to make a relationship happier.

tigerfish said...

Everything you said here. And I think it's lots of tolerance, sometimes.

Even "losing", if it means "sacrifice".