Saturday, June 02, 2007

What’s next to increase?

We were told of the GST years ago, from 0 to 3%, then 5% and now 7% on the coming July. Now, milk – fresh, evaporated and condensed – has cost more in recent weeks due to global demand, increases between 10 to 55 cents.

Today, when I went to the venting drinking machine during break time of my class, surprisingly I realized there are increases of price for all can drinks too. From $0.90 to $1.20, from $1.20 to $1.50, almost 30% increased. My goodness, why they always like to in-line with our salary increment period? No wonder I never realize the good feel of my increment salary, cos it was always ‘eaten up’ by all increases of our living costs.

Now I begin to worry, what’s next for the increase? Maybe coffee and tea with milk?


Jason Ho said...

sigh! we just have to live with it dun we....

...actually gives me a reason to buy buy buy all that I need before the GST starts..keke...

new phone anyone? :P

Cool Insider said...

I think the rise in milk prices was related to the drought in Australia? That is apparently wrecking havoc on the cattle farmers, and have to pump in water from less arid areas to farmlands across the continent.

This brings me back to my point about mankind abusing the environment of course. Its payback time dudes!

Pauline said...

Walter, I totally agree with you. If we continue to abuse it, we will have to pay more and perhaps suffer more evenually.

Johnny Ong said...

boss: pauline, there's bad news. we cant increase yr salary

pauline: why boss?

boss: all expenditures had increased, therefore we cant afford to increase yr salary. we ask that u bear with us and be loyal to the company

pauline: boss, i will have to go back on time from today onwards.

boss: why pauline?

pauline: as salary is staying put, i'll be car pooling and have to go according to the car pooling's schedule & to ensure my expenditure doesnt rise.