Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Visit To Polyclinic Again

My face has been on and off appearing red with white spot somewhere on my left cheek for quite sometime. Today I decided to consult doctor before it become worst. Instead going to National Skin Center directly, I guess the best and cheaper way is to get doc from Polyclinic to refer to.

So once again, I entered the main enterance of this clinic, knowing very well it is going to be a journey of 'at least three hours waiting'. Well what to do, I seriously do not wish to consult our company doctor, so this is the only choice left.

My sister accompanied me this time, all the other remains the same except........

1) At pre-registeration counter, the clerk asked "Here to see doc?". My sis asked me "Are you here to consult doc", "Of course, what else?". Then my sis said, "Obviously people here is to consult doc, why the clerk is asking this question to everyone." Then I realised the joke and I said perhaps some of them are here for other purpose. Then she said "In that case, she should be asking what is our purpose."

2) While waiting and waiting, a young man who acted like a gangster, or thought he himself is Da Ge Da, has been waited for too long that he lost his temper. Went into the doctor's consulting room and start shouting why is he waiting for that long. Then came out and talked over the phone with his friend with fxxx words that if not because his company only recognised polyclinic MC, he won't be here.
Oh come on! He is not the only one who need to wait for long time and not the only company who only recognise government MC. Poor me here have to go through the same thing.

3) The nurse officer will call a few patients to bring them for weight measurement. I believed she do not speak well in dialect, else we wont have this little joke here. At first, she will use both English and Mandarian to call out the number. When no response, she will try her best to call out in dialect - Hokkien. So happened that the few of them were elderly who only understand Hokkien. Then she will said (in Hokkien) "I see how many pound you are?". Then my sis "Aiyo, she thought she is selling pig, how many pound you are..." Then I laughed and asked how should she ask then. "I need to have the measurement of your weight lah" (Plssss over here you have to imagine this sentence in Hokkien, then you can catch the joke) I LOL.

4) Then finally we were queueing to collect our medicine at the pharmacy which happen to have one small promotion counter at the enterance, selling natural (or organic) cereal. We first went in to get the number, the aunt (promoter) asked my sis whether she wants to try their product. "No, thanks" my sister answered. Then we went outside to wait (since the pharmacy is crowded with people) and that aunt asked again. My sister shaked her head.
Then we decided to go into the pharmacy to get drink after a while, the aunt asked again. This time my sis smiled to her and shaked her head again. I started to laugh saying perhaps too many 'customers' and she can't recognise my sis. We went out again, thg she won't be asking but we were wrong. This time my sis totally ignored her and I teased her that maybe she see you as a potential customer. When we went to the last time to collect my medicine and came out the last time, my sister headed straight to the main enterance before that aunt got her final chance to ask, hahahahaha, what a day to end my long waiting journey.

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