Monday, July 02, 2007

Hurry up!

Just two weeks from now, I will be heading to Perth for a week to study as a full-time student. This is part of the programs for my part-time degree course at SIMM. Before we arrive there, our principle assigned three group projects to each group, two need to hand over when we reach the Curtin university, the last one we can finish after we are back.

Yet time is running out for the whole class. So much to do yet so little time. Ok I admit I am not that hardworking cos I still go out for my appointment. Just can't be that good girl like I used to be long long time ago, and do nothing but study. That's why I have to push myself harder a bit to complete my part before the deadline.

So hurry up!!!!!!


Ivy said...

I always like oversea exchange program!!!

A surge of impulse in me now... I want to study SCM.

Jason Ho said...

me too I feel like studying..wahaha!! money..

Cool Insider said...

Waaah I don't mind going to Perth during this period. Its going to be sooo nice and cool there during winter and I LOVE cold weather. Like Jason I also miss studying big time man. I have been working too damn hard for too damn long, its time my brain gets some feeding instead of giving....

All the best nonetheless! ;)

Pauline said...

Haha, thanks.
I will work hard and enjoy at the same time.
It's time to get cooling weather as Singapore is too hot recently.

Jason Ho said...

Speaking of which..our interns ended their term here today and I feel so envious the same time..I hate them big time man...keke...sigh~