Monday, July 30, 2007

I am Back to My Busy Life

Added one of my favourite photos taken in Perth.
It has been a week plus since I am back from Perth.

Weeeee, so busy with my class assignment (x4) and discussion with my classmates that I dont even have the time to upload photos taken in Perth. Ivy has been asking for it, and I also hope that I can upload them by this week.

I also missed the chance to write my little review on the two movies I watched, just before and after the Perth trip. Before was Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, and after was the Simpsons Movie.

For those who wanted to laugh out a bit, I strongly recommend Simpsons Movie.

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Cool Insider said...

Welcome back home. Do share your pics at Perth with us. I certainly look forward to catching that Simpsons movie!