Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Perth Study Trip Is Coming

I am heading to Perth for my study trip tomorrow. Hope we all can enjoy the study and the holiday (hmmm at least we are all away from work) in Perth.
Catch up with you guys again when I am back.


Cool Insider said...

Hey it should be pretty fun. I enjoyed my trip to Perth the last time around (about last year I think during this period). Winter is not that cold but cool enough to be "shiok" wherever you go and of course, I love all the nature surrounding the city and the places where you can jog and run (I am a running freak) for miles and miles without feeling tired.

All the best for your studies too!

Ivy said...

*Enjoy* Do take lots of photos... Bring Perth back for us to see!

Jason Ho said...

wah..iJealous man..enjoy yourself yah? :)