Monday, September 03, 2007

Love More - Family or Pet?

We always know that dog is loyal to its owner; therefore we have many cases of good relationships between the owner and the

This story is more than just the owner and the dog…………….. because most of the time, the owner might not be the only person in the house to take care of the dog.

My house has a male dog own by my nephew, who took him quite a while to convince my elder sister to accept him adopting this dog couple years ago. The permission was granted under the condition that he have to take care of his own dog. Well, I do not wish to write the entire history of this story but today situation is, my sister do make the effort to walk the dog, feed the dog and play with the dog when my nephew is not around. I must say that she does like this dog a lot.

About one year ago, my nephew’s best friend bought a little female dog too. And since his friend is a regular visitor of our house, so is his dog. Dog behave like little kid, when there is company around they will be a bit more playful. Thing goes ok when two dogs travel to and fro of our house and his friend’s house often and we do have a lot of ‘dog’ topics within our conversations.

But recently, we highlighted once again of the problem that the dogs ‘mess up’ the house (of course not on their propose) and we wanted the owners to do ‘something’ about it. Of course we are not asking him to get rid of his dog but just want him to clear up the mess. I am not sure whether have they done something for it, but for what I see (when we say seeing is believing) I believe nothing was done. My elder sister and niece feel the same way and we began to tell my nephew. And he got so angry (perhaps we keep telling him ‘you better do something about it’) that he brought two dogs to his friend’s house and totally ignores his own family members.

And the morale of the story, is the dog more important to you than you own family members? I saw this kind of story over the TV program but when this really happen to your own self, it tastes sour. Maybe out of his love to the pet, he was too haste on his action, but have he ever thought of his mum’s feeling?

Sad (this is how I feel), when see one care more of his pet than his own family members, as lot of these cases happened around me. Well, what to say when this is also called LOVE.

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