Saturday, September 01, 2007

What A "Thoughtful" Saturday

As planned, I went for my rebonding hairdo in the afternoon at Toa Payoh Central, at my usual saloon.
When special friend and I were on our way to MRT station, we passby the HDB hub and saw this "Remaking Our Heartland" exhibition, showcases rejuvenation and regeneration strategies for New, Middle-Aged and Old estates. Out of curiosity and to find out what will happen to my living estate - Yishun, I went in to take a look. Beside, the new building of the hospital, there will be library at this new extension of North Point (Completion by 2008) . Reservior and park will be expected too. Even the empty land just next to my house will be building more private housing too. What a change to be expected in near future.

Then we went to the computer fair at Suntec City, as I wanted to buy new MP3. Too bad, the one that I wanted to buy have run out of stock so we headed to Marina Square in order to avoid the crowd there. But at the end, we did not manage to watch any movie.

So we headed home and had quite a 'thoughtful' conversation during our journey home. Special friend mentioned that I will ended up to be 'someone' (so happen that this person is someone unwelcome to most of our colleagues) if I do not change my character. I will be just like her 10 years later cos I actually 1/3 behave like her now. It's fact, I know what my character is but hurtful to hear someone close to say that.

To me, just a coincident to meet someone who have similar character in the same office.
To me, it's a good thing to meet her so that I know I need to change (cos I got the chance to look at my future now), better for my own personality.
To me, it take time to change..... but how long is a big question and I think I should give myself shorter than I had previously gave myself.

So I will have to be more serious in my self-improvement cos it seems that I have not been doing good enough.

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