Friday, November 07, 2008

1,000 Places To See Before You Die

I guess no one should be unfamiliar with this book title, or a Travel Channel program.

I got this book quite some time back and well, I didnt get the time/chance (or perhaps lazy) to read through every single page or every places. But I know this book will not be kept in the book shelf forever as it will still be my travel guide for my future travel planning (when I have the time & money to do so).

But I still do like to share on those places that appeared in the book and whether or not, have I been to that place, which die die also must go.

Starting from SINGAPORE - Life On The Slow Track.

I can't believe myself, after being a Singaporean for thirty-over years, I didn't know we can have such luxurious Eastern & Oriental Train travel from Singapore, all the way to Bangkok. But the price doesn't seem to be cheap for their 2N/3D trip. See more, click here.

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