Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another busy months

"All 'good' things come at the right period."

This is how I am thinking positively to myself with my super busy schedule during the past two months. And lucky me, just another 2 weeks or less, I will be more relaxing.

New system enhancement at work. Before it kick off effective on Nov, I had been busy coping with the standardization of the item coding with the team members. Then the process to integrated with the system, the open 'document' from this system to the new system. Finally, we are at the last stage but hey, here come with the annual stock taking to 'crash' together with the implementation. Well, maybe it a super Good Date that they had been chosen to come as one.

At my own, examination for the last seminar falls on Nov too. Revision become the only thing to do after work. No shopping, no movie, no outing for such long time (2mths is considering long for me ok). Well, like I said, another two more weeks, with the last exam paper, I can call for a good celebration (provided I do pass my paper, hee hee).

So now it's just a break to update my blog and I am going back to the reality. Jia You!!!

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