Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Effectively and Efficiency

We always talked about how to be effectively and efficiency both at work and in life, that's why when something happened, we will look for solution in the fastest way to avoid any inconvenient to ourselves or others.

So we get use to our fast-moving life in Singapore when most of the people do works in this both 'E' way (or else, do you think your boss will let you go so easily). And I never realise how much a single thing can affect a lot in our daily work when things turn up the opposite way until I am here.

Imagine one simple thing in our daily work, printer runing out of toner so what do you do next?? Get a new toner which normally sit next to the printer (pls don't tell me that you are running out of stock) and change it, right! But here, you have to wait for the person-in-charge to submit the request to the Admin dept, then have to wait for approval before you see someone from 'no idea where' come to replace. These steps can sometime take more than a day to complete. I don't consider now I am complaining but continue to imagine, you need to print out all the documents to submit for another process of approval (which take few days too) and this hold you back. You have so many documents to print and it fraustrated you cos all your work is 'ON HOLD'.

Here I realised how fraustrated I can be when this kind of incident happened (this is only one example) but it was also here that I learned to become more appreciation in life, even a simple task. I am learning to endure my quick temper which this is my bad point. After all, I am glad that I am going through all these without both 'E' of working style, otherwise I will be taking things for granted in life.

But no more taking for granted!!!! Yeah!

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